Workshop Seventy7

Workshop Seventy7 - incorporating Oshe Design and Bagged Benz UK and working together to design and fabricate uncompromising sports and luxury cars. Creating a modern vision of world famous classic cars, whilst remaining true to their pedigree and heritage.

Preserving history while breathing new life into classics


The vision of our restorations is to achieve the optimised classic car look and feel, tailored to an individual’s specific requirements and allowing the ultimate in self-expression on the canvas of a sports car; to create something truly unique that meets all the desires of the driver.

Oshe Design is so much more than a specific model, or a colour from prescribed palate with a limited choice of seats. We will restore or enhance that special car, from a great era and place, to create something tailored and unique and to achieve the very best driving experience that an individual seeks. 

We help source cars, advise on design and deliver the complete driving experience. 



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